The Guild of Sal'nekyh

The Halfling and the Drow

Recovered data from the remains of a nameless Warforged

We begin our journey where we had left off. Feyd and Nine returned to us from their last-minute political reprieve, emerging victorious with over 70,000 soldiers now tending to the spire, which will surely provide an immeasurable amount of support. Together at last, we traveled along the Vale road, connecting the trade route to Thunderspire mountain. We knew that once we arrived, we were to deliver Barrwyn’s parcel to Gendar which, upon further inspection, looked to be a locked cask shaped mysteriously like a dagger. We were to also take on the task of hunting down the Blood Reavers, an infamous group of slave traders, whose whereabouts were rumored to be in Thunderspire.

When we reached the foot of the mountain, a monstrous gate monumented by two vicious looking statues of minotaurs on either side stood in our path. As we glanced up, we saw looming black clouds which seemed to veil the mountain’s peak from all that is good in the outside world, and brilliant flashes of light that danced within the dark abyss. A feeling of utter despair washed over our bodies as we pushed forward into the chasm, unaware of the events that would soon transpire.

Once we were deep inside the mountain, several paths snaked in each direction, each of them lit by countless mesmerizing blue orbs. Curious, we took one from its stand, but as time passed, it grew dim; thus, we knew the energy it once possessed was now quickly being depleted. With Shinta and Feyd’s combined knowledge, we learned that deep within the mountain is the Seven Pillar Hall, a once-grand marketplace built by mighty dwarves. However, it is now under the control of a compendium of Saruun mages; it serves as a home for refugees and ne’er-do-wells, obviously catering to the disreputable types. Moreover, the many pathways that lay before us acted as a maze of sorts; those who knew how to to navigate it could reach their destination from any starting point, and those who didn’t would most certainly lose their way.

As we proceeded deeper into the mountain, the sides of the chasm seemed to engulf what little light we could glimpse from the cloud-covered skies above. The pathway shrunk in size as a number of large boulders suddenly broke free from the walls of the mountain, and came tumbling down toward us. Most of us were able to escape the path of the huge debris, except Shinta who was still bedazzled by the tantalizing blue orbs. Thinking quickly, Leo, our hired help, pushed Shinta out of the way and took the brunt of the force. The rocks that fell then obstructed the pathway for those traveling behind Shinta, Kyvren and Nine; thus, we were once again separated. However, Kyvren and Nine informed us that they would take another route, and meet us at the Seven Pillar Hall.

Moving on, we came upon a doorway from which we heard voices speaking in common. Shinta peered into the room and could identify a number of goblins, hobgoblins, and a warcaster, as well as one halfling, whom the former were extorting. Leo came up with a plan to create a diversion by acting inebriated and walking into the room nonchalantly, thus allowing the halfling to escape. The plan, however, doesn’t go exactly as planned, as two of the hobgoblins attempt to detain Leo, but Leo escapes by attacking one of his captors, and triggers an encounter. The rest of us enter the room, and together we heroically thwart the opposing side’s efforts.

From the warcaster, we gained a +2 magic quarterstaff and bloody robes. From the rest, we collected 8 scale armors, 8 heavy shields, and 8 scimitars (not in good condition).

Upon leaving the room, we’re met by the halfling who introduces himself as Rendil Halfmoon. Rendil informs us that the warcaster’s name was Kroig, a ranked member of the Blood Reavers. He was trailing through group because he believed them to be taking part in suspicious activities, but was caught. As his rescuers, Rendil offered to guide us on our journey to the Seven Pillar Hall. During our journey, we learn of southwest passages to the Underdark, a subterranean underground filled with all kinds of monsters, dark elves, quests to be had, and treasures to be won. We also learn that during our stay here, we should be mindful and respectful of the mages who run and oversee the Seven Pillar Hall. Gendar, or “Gendy” as the locals call him (the one to whom we’re supposed to deliver a package), runs a drow magic store there. Also, we’re told that Brug is the one who’s in charge of the place’s security, and to stay on his good side.

Once we reached the Seven Pillar Hall, we decided to seek out Brug. As we enter his office building, we see the ogre (Brug) playing cards with his mage assistant Orontor. It’s clear from his wide grin that Brug was winning. We could tell by the way he easily identified who we were and what business we had there that Brug was extremely intelligent. Brug demanded that we pay 10% of taxes for the items we brought to town. He then proceeded to look through our things and found the parcel we were to deliver. He immediately recognized that it was from Barrwyn to be delivered to Gendar. He confiscated the item and informed us of Barrwyn’s outstanding debt to him. Up until now, we had only been told that we were not to use Barrwyn’s name in the Seven Pillar Hall, but we were never given a reason as to why; now we have that reason.

So we head out to inform Gendar at his store that his package could not be delivered to him. When we arrive, we see the walls covered in fantastic magical items with drow origins, and an intense magical aura emanating from the one called Gendar. Upon moving closer, we notice he’s wearing eight gold rings, but we say nothing on the matter. After we informed Gendar of the events that prevented us from delivering the package to him, he demands that we go back to Brug to retrieve his package, and threatens the safety of the group. Leo goes out to speak with Brug, but only finds Orontor who seemed to be busy writing a letter. Leo told Orontor about Gendar’s threats, and Orontor responds by telling Leo that Brug and he would visit Gendar soon. But, when Leo shows up to Gendar’s empty handed, and we attempt to leave, we sense that Gendar had used his magic to create a chaos web across the doorway. When Feyd tries to phase step through the doorway, the web covers him, and a sudden feeling of death and despair falls upon him.

We immediately go in search of Brug and the package. We first try his office, where we a see a note that says he’s out patrolling and that he has the box with him, and Orontor wasn’t there either. Once we found Brug, Shinta convinced him to give us the cask. However, Brug told us that he couldn’t apprehend Gendar unless there’s proof that he’s threatened us in any way, so we go back to Brug’s headquarters in search of the mage Orontor, who might be able to detect the chaos web that has now wrapped itself around Feyd’s heart.

Once at Brug’s headquarters, we find that Orontor is back, and has mysteriously lost time. Orontor senses the chaos web bound around Feyd’s heart, and together we all go to Gendar’s shop, where Feyd senses that space-time warping magic has been placed around the building. Shinta tries to remove the spell, but fails as a feeling of darkness washes over him. Brug walked into the building, and shortly returned stating that all was well and that Feyd was no longer in any danger. Unsatisfied with this answer, we ventured into the shop, and finally decided to give Gendar the package. Gendar immediately released Feyd from his spell, and he had just finished giving us three drow fortune stones that grant magical abilities to take back to Bolthevair, when a strange little blonde headed woman wearing eight platinum rings walked in and started comforting Feyd and rubbing his hand. She said her name is Susan, and that Gendar would be punished.

Before leaving, I ransacked the shop and left it in ruins. Feyd then checked Shinta and sensed that something was wrong ever since Shinta tried to remove the space-time warp from Gendar’s shop, but we spoke of it no further. Susan got us the best rooms at the Halfmoon inn, and lead Feyd off (presumably to give him a happy ending). We ended the night by informing Brug that we’re expecting friends (Nine and Kyvren).

Nameless is awesome.



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