kyvren zolerii

Very perceptive and light on her feet. An Eladrin Ranger. Her favorite weapon is the bow.


12 std. 12 con. 18 dex 13 int 13 wis 11 cha

34 Hp 17 bloodied 8 surge 7 serge per day

17 ac 15 fort 15 reflex 15 will

Speed 6. Init 5

10 acrobatics 5 arcana 8 athletics 2 bluff 2 diplomacy
8 dungeoneering 3 endurance 3 heal 5 history 3 insight
2 intimidate 8 nature 15 perception 3 religion
12 stealth 2 streetwise 5 thievery

Language elvin & common

Long bow bonus 6 damage 1d10 range 20/40
Great bow bonus 5 1d12 range 25/50
long sword bonus 6 1d8

long sword Prof. Cloth, leather, hide prof
simple military Kelsey & ranged
defensive mobility
alertness +2 fear bonus to perception checks
prime shot, hunters quarry
+2 elvin cloak (fort, will, reflex, stealth)
crucial advice, fey step, two fanged strike, twin strike, nimble strike
split the tree

long sword
long sword bonus 5 damage 1d8
brest bo


Kyvren grew up with both parents until she was in her tern years. Her parents were brutally murdered in their home while she and her younger sister were out hunting. She only caught a glimpse of the monster. He was human with one brown eye and one purple and a scar that went across his face down past his collar bone. She joined the guild in an attempt to find the man while helping the guild and trying to be nicer to her friends. She has major trust issues and has a habit of closing herself off to the world. She also lost the man she loved to a massive fire his body was never found.

kyvren zolerii

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